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Empowering Communities for Sustainable Healthcare: RICO's Vision for Locally Driven Resource Mobilization

Steered by locally community resource mobilization, RICO intends to build a sustainable foundation of healthcare model driven by the wheels of locally available resources. We seek to partner with an intention of mobilizing adequate resources to ensure delivery of the basic tenets of primary healthcare with the view to create a pool of resources meant to attain sustainable universal health coverage for all.


National Drought Management Authority had classified the situation of malnutrition as

critical with figures of 15-29.9%.

The idea was conceived after Baringo got hard hit by the outbreak of malaria. This drew the attention of various well-wishers and organizations including RockHealth Integrated Care and Consultancies (RICO) a fully registered community based organization (CBO). Our objectives were:


Most of the population was observed to be grappling with moderate acute malnutrition with

children under the age of 5 being worst hit

The Rotu Community Health Unit serves a population of 32,000 people. It has been functional until August, 2017 but stopped functioning following lack of medical personnel. Even while it was functional, there was only one medical personnel, a nurse. The dispensary will come in handy in the control of diseases and containment of endemic diseases so that outbreaks are
prevented or fast responded to. RICO proposed revamping and facilitating the dispensary by:


Predominantly medical students from institutions offering medical courses

10% are professionals in hospitals and other organizations.

RICO has ambassadors who subscribe to annual premiums and therefore entitled to priority to its medical camps, training sessions, recommendation letters and medication cover from the RICO Drug Stores. This is a contractual agreement (Ambassador Agreement) that is renewed yearly. An Ambassador agreement is the foundation of the working relationship between RICO and its Ambassadors. An Ambassador agreement clarifies the expectations of both parties in relation to length of time commitment, confidentiality,
attendance at training, and adherence to the organization’s policies and procedures.