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Dive Into the Heart of Our Organization and Uncover Our Mission, Values, and Commitment to Making a Difference

What Are We?

RockHealth Integrated Care Org. (RICO) is a health care entity that seeks to strengthen primary health care against infectious
and non-communicable diseases in Kenyan counties through establishment of field hospitals in rural communities, development
of epidemiological data on disease distribution and facilitation of local health care facilities. In line with non-communicable
diseases, RICO targets to partner with business entities to provide corporate screening, health and wellness programmes.

Our Mission

“To provide medical aid and primary health care by integrating health disciplines, public health education and capacity building
for those who serve “

Our Vision

“That the world will share in the power of community oriented, integrated, patient centered care in improving therapeutic outcome. “

Our Founders


Hakeem Kiboi And Juma Theophilas

30th January, 2017: KUSRI received its certificate of registration as RockHealth Integrated Care Org. (RICO) was founded as a non-profit community based organization (CBO).

Milestones And Achievements


Our Optimistic Ambassador


Kevin Mundia

As a RICO Ambassador, I've witnessed firsthand the profound difference we make in communities through dedicated healthcare initiatives


Grace Wamalwa

Being a RICO Ambassador has been a transformative experience, allowing me to directly impact lives and foster community health